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Darryl and Dave have been our in-house telephone reps for many years. So when I needed to upgrade my hotel's WiFi service, I naturally thought of Steelman & Company. WiFi service issues are the number one complaint in any hotel, so an upgrade became very important to my guest's overall satisfaction. Quickly assessing my hotel's equipment needs, these guys made our WiFi installation a priority and all at a great price. Thank you again, Darryl and Dave. I appreciate your honesty in addressing my many questions and the great service you consistently provide my business as WiFi complaints are now a thing of the past! I feel like I have a partner with Steelman and Company in providing a great customer experience to my guests.

Bruce Richard, CHA
(General Manager - El Coronado Resort, Wildwood Crest, NJ)


We recently had our Wifi upgraded by Steelman & Company at our motel. The installation was easy and non-intrusive to our customers. The workmen were very professional and answered all questions before doing their work. We are very pleased with the results. Our customers are very happy too as they have easy connection for all their electronic devices. We highly recommend Steelman & Company for your Wifi needs.

Jane and Steve Lawrence
(Jade East Motel - North Wildwood, NJ)


We got WiFi service installed by Steelman & Co. The sales process was easy, the work was neat, and the service is working very well. Our guests aren’t complaining about internet connectivity or download speeds and that’s always a good thing! If you run a hotel and have guests complaining about your WiFi, you should call these guys!

(Fountain Motel - Wildwood, NJ)


To my fellow business owners:

I cannot recommend Steelman and Company enough. I have owned the Daytona Inn in Wildwood since 2001. In that time, technology has changed quickly. When I first took over the hotel, WIFI didn't really exist in Wildwood. Fast forward to today, and if you don't have a fast, reliable and easily accessible WIFI system in your place of business, you will be left well behind your competition. We had struggled for years to get a reliable WIFI network set up at the hotel. Our guests were not satisfied and I knew I had to do something about it. I called Steelman and Co. on the recommendation of another hotel owner. I have to admit I was a little skeptical that Steelman would be able to solve my WIFI problem. Boy, was I wrong.

My first contact was with Matt who quickly and professionally answered all my initial questions. Then the outstanding team of Darryl, Dave and Adam quickly came in and did a site survey and had my new WIFI system up and running on the exact date promised, on time and on budget. The system has been working perfectly and is fast and reliable. It says on their website that Adam lives nearby the island and many times arrives to fix problems well before the business owner is aware of an issue. This is no exaggeration. Steelman monitors my system for me so I can spend more time marketing the hotel and making sure the guests are taken care of. My guests are happier than ever and that makes me a happy hotel owner. Thank you Steelman and Company!

John Donio
(Owner - Daytona Inn, President - Downtown Wildwood Business Improvement District)


I highly recommend Steelman and Company. I can not say enough about their professionalism and honesty. As a small business owner installing tech systems can be not only confusing with all of today's options but costly as well. After meeting with Darryl and Dave I had a better understanding of exactly what I did and did not need. They actually sold me on a simpler system than I expected and stated that I could always expand if I felt it was needed. I appreciate that honesty as a "not so techie person" and a female who has no idea about wire issues and installation issues. They could have sold me equipment that wasn't necessary but instead looked out for my interests and budget. Not only do I feel that they are the best at what they do but I have come to feel that they are friends I can trust. They are "handshake kind of guys" which I feel is rare today. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for making my business systems run smoothly.

Gwen F., The Heritage Inn, Cape May.